About The Driver Partner Award

This award is given to the truck driver that goes above and beyond his or her daily duties, while working with us. It can be given out at any time by a Bahr Transportation team member. 

Driver partners who work with Bahr Transportation realize that they are the face of our company when they interact with shippers and receivers, and first impressions are everything. Bahr Transportation driver partners are professional, polite, and always communicate early with us when issues arise.

The driver who receives this award is able to add $25 to their rate confirmation for a “meal on the house.”

Driver Partner Award Winners

• 9/28/2021 – Logan Stanforth

• 10/6/2021 – Jude Jean-Gilles

• 10/11/2021 – James (West Express)

• 11/29/2021 – Jude Jean-Gilles