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Why Shippers Choose Us

There are many reasons why our customers choose us over other truck brokerages, but they all boil down to these 3 key points:

On the Food and Beverage Leaders podcast, your host, Andy Bahr, encourages other leaders in the food and beverage industry to share their journeys, knowledge, and wins so we can celebrate you and all that you have achieved! 

We Look Forward to Working with You!

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Customer Testimonials

“With Bahr Transportation, I can rest easy that the job will be done, and done right!”


“Updated and timely communication is a strength of Bahr Transportation. Also, the ability to cover our last minute needs has been exceptional!

“Bahr Transportation provides excellence service and the communication from industry trends to load tracking is top-notch”


“If all the trucking companies were like you guys, it would make my job a lot easier, Thank you for the excellent service all year. and Merry Christmas and Happy New year!”

– Manny, Warehouse Manager

“Andy and his team are top notch! The level of communication, reliable service and the sharing of information, news and developments in the trucking industry is on point. I highly recommend Bahr Transportation!”